Monday, July 9, 2007

a week

This post is picture-less because we are once again at relatives.

After a really busy week: a fourth of July more social than any we have had in any other place (an we just moved here!), friends going through all sorts of joys and sorrows (some saying goodbye to loved ones and others welcoming the promise of new life), our house running hot and cold with guests (all really good to see - old friends from Durango and a friend from Chicago), visiting with more old friends at the Children's Museum on Saturday, and then finally last night at 12 AM meeting the local firemen because we have a carbon monoxide leak in our house.

This last incident was one that I wish I had on video. At 12:01 T and I jump out of bed because of the ear splitting beep emanating throughout the room. I grab a pillow and fan the smoke detector (an old habit from our condo in Chi-town whose smoke detector was placed right above the stove). T stands angrily in the hallway. We figure out it was the CO detector and I immediately grab the baby and phone and walk out into the front yard ... in my nightgown. T thinks we should reset it and see what happens. I refuse to go back into the house. Long story short, the firetruck arrives with sirens blaring. All the firemen were straight out of central casting. The good looking black chief, a bit upset that he had to get out of bed. The short hispanic guy. The overweight, sweet-faced white dude who plays peekaboo with D. They advised us to not sleep there. Turns out it was the hot water heater. The landlord is getting a new one tomorrow.

So, if you don't have a carbon monoxide detector, get one.

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