Monday, November 23, 2009

sticky fingers cooking

In my blog hiatus I had the wonderful pleasure of working with the ladies from Sticky Fingers Cooking. Not only are these women incredibly bright and fun to be with, they have a really really cool business: cooking classes for kids, recipes subscriptions for the mini-epicurious, cooking kits and loads of ideas to be revealed at a later date.

Design Mom had a birthday party for Olive last month with Sticky Fingers and S + C got to design the recipe cards. All Denver moms need to take advantage of this healthy, fun idea!

Friday, November 20, 2009

type type type

all of the above from Friends of Type

Vintage type from Agence Eureka

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So I have been MIA for a while now. It is has been a HUGE adjustment having a moving baby + a feisty three year old. T got me a new computer which has saved me loads of time (no more rolling rainbow while any or all of my files load). The most fun I am having is going through this blog to find all of my old bookmarks. In one day I have found enough to fill the blog for months.

Two of my favorites today are from SwissMiss: The Lazy Designer's Guide to Success (do not overlook this one ... he is SO right in every area) and the Clients from Hell blog. Everyone in a creative business should frequent this blog just to make their day better.

And I also had to share some pictures from my rug project. EcoFiber is a member of GoodWeave, which certifies rugs "child-labor free". They have a beautiful traveling exhibition called Faces of Freedom. All of these amazing photographs were taken by U. Roberto Romano.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the faith of a child

My childhood was magical - riding bikes everywhere, playing in creeks, building elaborate forts and obstacle courses. My partner in crime was Ashley Graves. Her family lived behind us and we spent so much time together that our Dads cut a hole in the fence, giving us quicker access to one another.

I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Ashley's husband, Stefan Graves Lanfer, designing his book The Faith of a Child. Stefan is the author of DadToday, a blog about (you guessed it) being a Dad and the adventures of his incredible family. Both Ashley and Stefan are amazing educated AND down to earth. Two attributes that don't always go together. Any Dad-to-be needs to read this book. It is real. And it is not full of a bunch of dos and don'ts. If anything, it lets all dads know that it is OK to go into parenthood totally clueless, to just go with it, and to enjoy every second.