Tuesday, July 31, 2007

pet peeve

First, I apologize if you are a cat person.

Second, I apologize for the pun in the title ... it was just too perfect.

Whenever I can I walk our dog without a leash. I realize that it is dangerous. And that lots of people (including the authorities) prefer that he be restrained. But Zuri grew up in the mountains of Colorado. He is not used to keeping a constant three foot distance from his human. I do leash him on busy streets and when we run together. But for short walks around the block, I let him meander.

Today he chased a cat. Two, actually. This is a common practice for Z and any felines that are on the sidewalk. He never ever catches them (he's 10 ... I think that we can fairly say that he never will). It is the fun of the chase. The owner of these two cats was Tootsie. No lie. She was the spitting image of Dustin Hoffman in drag. Oxford shirt tucked into a tea length eyelet skirt, a perfectly coiffed bob and thick square glasses.

I apologized.

Tootsie exclaimed "That is why dogs need to be leashed. I have five cats, some are kittens."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this qualify as a double standard? Her cats are roaming free, walking in the street, in neighbor's yards and on the sidewalk. Shouldn't cats be leashed if they are outside? How many tickets do cops give to unleashed cats?

I will be avoiding Tootsie's corner from now on. And Zuri will remain off leash.

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