Sunday, July 15, 2007


So we still have no hot water. But strangely enough, I am not upset about it for the following reasons:

1. We are all alive (thank you $30 carbon monoxide detector bought on a weird whim at 9:30 pm the night we moved in).
2. There are MUCH worse things that can happen besides having no hot water for a week.
3. God works in mysterious ways . We are a bit short on money this month and the landlord is comping us one week's rent.

T has become a pro at the cold shower. I am learning why the Europeans like to just "sponge" themselves clean. And why they own bidets. I feel like a pioneer woman boiling water for D's bath ... no wonder people were stinky back then!
We hiked for the first time today. Maxwell Falls up in Evergreen, CO. We didn't quite make it to the falls, but it was still fun. D was a bit cranky because he missed his nap. He just talked most of the time and then crashed 5 minutes before we got to the car. I sang to him for the last 15 minutes. Music does wonders for that kid. Zuri had a BLAST. It is pure joy to see that dog hike. He was in his element.

I have also done a few invites this week. Here are the first drafts. All fun family stuff.

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janet said...

those are awesome invites!