Monday, July 30, 2007

obsession confession

So I love Martha Stewart. And I know she is supposedly not a nice person. But man, can she create an empire. A very well designed empire. Every magazine I have ever gotten from her large list of publications (whether it's Living, Weddings, Body and Soul or the new Blueprint) I fall in love with every detail. Let me be clear though. I do not do all of her "good things" or cook really any of her meals. It's the details. Her designers and art directors can craft a page like no other. Martha knows how to hire. In another life I would have loved to work for her.

My new favorite is Blueprint. It is the MS answer to Real Simple mixed with Domino. I seem to fall right in the demographic. Here are a few pics from a spread she did for a brunch. Isn't the color fantastic?
One of the best features in each issue is a page with stuff to do (on the internet or for the summer, etc). The page is a type lover's dream! Two whole pages of tiny squares like this.
Grab an issue if you want more.

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