Monday, July 16, 2007


You will notice the link "towles" to your right. Towles is my fabulous sister-in-law. I could not have made up in my head a more wonderful wife for my brother. At our first meeting at my apartment in Atlanta I thought to myself, "if this doesn't work out, I still want to be friends with this girl". Fortunately for both of us (my brother more so than me) they hit it off.

I have surrounded myself with all kinds of amazing writers. My mom, my husband and Towles. She is just finishing her graduate degree in non-fiction creative writing and has written a book about song writers in Nashville. It is really really good. I am in the middle of it and can't put it down. I have done some covers for her book proposals. Here they are. Being that it is Nashville, a Hatch Show Print look-a-like seemed appropriate. But I gave her a couple of other options. The title for now is "Bluebird: Longing, Pursuit and Discovery in America's Last Song Town".

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