Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the real deal???

Wow. This guy is living in NYC with a wife, a child and a dog attempting to have no net environmental impact. I am highly impressed. I keep wondering if he takes a shower. What does he do with his dog's poo? His baby's poo? His poo? Sorry. It's just that it may be easy to use an outhouse if you live in the country ... but New York??

It is very inspirational (not the poo part) to hear about someone composting and using little electricity (How does he blog? Can he use electricity at the Starbuck's?) in a major city. I love how he and his daughter hang out on their front stoop. It is true that children need very little.

I am realizing that living simply comes in small steps. That just one little change leads to another. Instead of throwing out the mushrooms in the fridge that are almost bad, what could I make with them that we can all enjoy? Can I walk to the post office? Can I combine all of my driving errands into one trip per week?

My one change today is that I am going to empty the kiddie pool onto the lawn so that I don't have to water tonight.

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