Wednesday, December 30, 2009

michael paukner

I love this guy's obsession with the circle. And his obsession with space.

via: Feltron

loving this pic

via: Modish

Friday, December 18, 2009

paper source blog

I just got word that The Paper Source has a blog. I can honestly say that The Paper Source is the only store I truly miss since leaving Chicago (I would add Marshall Fields to that list, but they no longer exist!). At least now I can feel their wonderful vibe via the world wide web ...

sarah santi and readymade

We blogged about our friend Sarah Santi when she launched her website. Little did we know that Sarah was creating a beautiful side business called Yellow Lion. One of her prints was just featured in ReadyMade magazine. I love the print that the magazine featured AND this little farm. It reminds me so much of Virginia Lee Burton's illustrations. Go Sarah!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

more stuff to check out

If you blog-hop you should visit The Times' "50 of the world's best design blogs". I am completely overwhelmed by all of the beautiful things and the keen eyes that find them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

new discoveries

With my Christmas presents made and my work "kinda-sorta" finished I have had some time to look for new inspiration. I have eaten up everything on Rifle blog (the work and words of Anna Bond out of Winter Park, FL). I was most excited to find the botanical posters. After seeing hugely overpriced geological posters at Scout Chicago I have longed for some artwork that looked like this. You can order them for a fraction of Scout's prices from Evolution NYC.

While doing a little bit of work for Bearings Guide (a great guide for Southern men regarding stuff to do and see and buy in Atlanta and surrounding areas) I found this old map of Atlanta. It fits their aesthetic, even if I don't know quite where to use it yet.

Another Rifle link, Leanne Shapton is an amazing illustrator. She has a great take on the "doodle" style.

I love the simplicity of these invites by Bird and Banner. And the yarn and button are such a sweet touch.

And finally, there is a new online design, art and photography magazine called Blanket. Every layout is gorgeous.

Friday, December 11, 2009

dad could do this

Many of you know that my Dad had a massive stroke a year and a half ago. He is doing amazingly well. He is walking. And drawing. And back to many of his regular day to day routines. Last time I visited he was still incredibly frustrated that he couldn't use his right hand or arm. Before the stroke his day job was being an attorney. But his passion is art. And he is an incredible artist. I featured his eggs on S+C the week of his stroke. He is still able to draw and paint with his left hand. But he would love to put down on paper (and eggs and wood and whatever else he can find) exactly what his mind sees. Despite the fact that his artwork is gorgeous, the perfectionist in him just can't cope with second best. So he is working on that right arm. And we keep praying that more miracles happen.

*feather calendar by The Wild Unknown via Design*Sponge

Thursday, December 10, 2009

smart friends

I have believed for a long time that smart friends make me smarter. Deana Bass is one of those friends. She writes for NPR (among other things ... she is a woman who wears many hats). Please check out her latest article.

Monday, December 7, 2009

more from brandon schaefer

Came across more movie posters from See&Speak. If only the real ones were this cool.

got 'em!

T gave me the Tolix chairs for my birthday. You have no idea how much time I have on my hands now that I am not scouring the internet for these babies.

My friend Ashley suggested that I paint the sawhorses (Home Depot, $15/each) red. I think it looks fantastic!