Thursday, January 31, 2008

peace - inside and out

I have just finished reading these two books and I highly recommend them both.

Eat Pray Love is beautifully written. It is one woman's journey to finding herself. This world feeds us a bunch of lies and Elizabeth's search for inner peace, away from those lies, is incredible.

Three Cups of Tea is a bigger story, on all fronts. Greg Mortenson is a mountain climber who finds ways to bring peace to this world, one child at a time. Building schools in the most remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, his mission to educate girls changes towns and the perception of Americans in countries that know us mostly for bombing and leaving without further help. This story is almost too much to tell in one book, so the writing suffers. But the story is TOO important not to read. The truth is sometimes unbearable. Americans tend to sit in their ivory towers, but Greg goes down the mountain, risking everything to give help to those who need it most.

I walked away from both of these books realizing that the Divine is HUGE and cannot be contained. No matter what you believe, both of these books will inspire you.

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