Thursday, January 3, 2008

anorak magazine

I discovered Julia Rothman's blog today. I think I'm infatuated with illustrators. From Etsy to all kinds of children's books, I can't get enough of them (the good ones, that is). Julia is a wonderful illustrator. And her blog is filled with great finds. She recently featured a children's magazine called Anorak - The Happy Mag for Kids. It is out of the UK and incredibly fun and quirky ... a crazy mix of coloring book (it comes with colored pencils), learning tools (great collage art) and just plain weirdness. I also love the name. I had my fair share of J. Crew and LL Bean anoraks as a kid. The bigger the better.

Remember Highlights and World and Ranger Rick? They weren't nearly as cool as this:


oijoy photo - THE BLOG said...

never seen this before, another good find!

cathy said...

thank you for your post and your lovely words.
Cathy from Anorak

Kate said...

Oh..I might have to pretend I have children just to have an excuse buy this :)