Thursday, January 17, 2008


You know your teenage years were spent in the 80s when you start singing Def Leppard upon seeing the title of this post. Why are bad hair band's songs so catchy?

Two great finds today. Both through Frank Chimero's blog By So and So. The first is The Library of Congress' photos on Flickr. I could eat stuff like this up! Be ready to waste hours going through all 173 pages.

The second isn't a new discovery for me. When still working in the agency world T and I were put on a committee in charge of taking portraits of everyone in the entire agency. Those inner-office projects can be awful ... but this one landed us up and coming photographer, Todd Baxter. Our art buyer found Todd and forwarded his portfolio. I loved his composition and use of color. And his overall quirkiness. It helped that he and his assistant were so incredibly nice. It's good to see his work featured on Frank's blog and that Todd is doing well for himself.

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