Thursday, October 4, 2007

survivor gina

I don't watch Survivor. Or any of those reality TV shows. But I was curious today as I drove through Denver running errands. Three times I heard the radio ad for Survivor Gina. I first thought to myself "where is Gina?" and then I quickly wondered if they knew that when you string the words "survivor" and "gina" you get something that sounds a lot like Survive Vagina.

As I was telling Tom my discovery tonight, I asked him how you actually spell the country of Gina. He only had to look at me for half a second for the realization to occur. Gina is China.

Have I ever told any of you the story of "Look at that donkey run"?. Another post for another day.

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casablanca said...

I'll be naming my next book "Survive Vagina", my autobiography, that is.