Friday, October 5, 2007

an awesome day on the world wide web

I love checking out my favorite sites and feeling overwhelmed with inspiration. Today I discovered Also ... a design firm out of NYC. Their work has a wonderful hand-made quality that you rarely find in web design.

I also came across KidsModern, a dutch web retailer with really really cool stuff. And the best part is that I can only window shop. I don't think they ship to the US. I love the marker and line drawings.

And while we're talking kid's toys, Tom found Oompa the other day (isn't that a great name?). I would love to say we only have all wooden toys. That is how it was while I was pregnant ... "we will only have well designed, sustainable material baby items". Right. D's toy bin is a plethora of wonderful plastic presents and hand-me-downs. They do the job just fine.

And finally a simple project that I would love to do on canvas for a rug or a chair ... fruit prints. Wouldn't this be great in a chocolate or apple green? Or both?

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