Wednesday, October 31, 2007

inbetween discovery

While doing a bit of research on Maira Kalman I found the AIGA Design Archive website and the AIGA home. The AIGA is "the professional association for design". You can find a lengthy description here. I tell you all of this because it is SO COOL to find sites that share inspirational design. My sister-in-law just wrote about how everyone is a snob about something. And design is one of those fields where it seems like EVERYONE'S a snob. So much so that they refuse to share, fearful that their precious design will be stolen. Newsflash: everything has been done. And generally, if you like a design (or a t-shirt or a movie or anything artistic) it's because you've seen something similar somewhere before and it's hidden in all of your gray matter.

So check out the websites, enjoy the someone else's design. And copy it if you can.

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