Sunday, October 21, 2007

when the snow falls

We landed this morning in Colorado to snow on the ground. Just to give you a taste of my husband's excitement ... right now he sits upstairs in the TV room drinking Jones Cream Soda (the fastest form of sugar rush in a bottle) eating pizza and watching ski videos. I can only imagine what's on the screen ... angry-guy-music is filtering down the stairwell.

We had a great stay in The ATL. It was 80 degrees today. T bought a pair of shorts for his one day stay. I got to see so many of my favorite people. I also forgot some of the things that I love about the South.
#1 - My family. I miss them a lot and it's so good to have time with them.
#2 - The trees. Gigantic and still green.
#3 - The peeling paint on the houses and buildings from all the moisture (the much needed moisture right now). I have been living in cities with siding ... practical, yes ... but lacking character.
#4 - Taqueria Del Sol (if you have never been you HAVE to go. The world's best fish and fried chicken tacos ever. Those are separate tacos. Together they'd be gross.).
#5 - The fact that my mother and brother cannot go anywhere without seeing at least two people that they know.

Now that we're back, the title to this post is a hint. Come on! The mountains await.

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