Thursday, October 11, 2007

religious about the environment

So Wednesday was "blog for the environment day" and I wasn't near my computer to post anything.

And then Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize for spreading awareness about global warming.

Ironically, as I bought beer on Wednesday night the guy behind the cash register told me that he thought "being green" was all a bunch of hype (after I told him I didn't need a bag ... that was his answer to my statement!). You know, he is a little bit right. It is very "in" right now to be green. To love the environment. To buy organic and local. To conserve. To buy hybrids. To hate big oil companies. Etc, etc, etc.

But maybe this fad isn't a bad one.

In case you didn't know, I'm a God lover. And I think this earth is a HUGE gift for us to take care of. Lately I have been reading about a grain of faith. How with just the smallest amount of faith the impossible can become possible. It makes me realize that when I wish and pray for specific things I sometimes don't believe that they will come true. I worry about this world. And I think my worrying might be a gigantic waste of time. Because if I just believe that things will change and make the appropriate changes in my own life to make things better ... then they will happen.

A grain is really really really small. And that makes believing seem a whole lot easier.

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Rico said...

Very nice! No potty words, no smelly underwear and no----bodys naked.
I really really enjoy your thoughts.