Wednesday, November 28, 2007

let's talk type

I am a font junkie. I can spend hours font hunting. My mom was a graphic designer and I used to watch her over her light box with Letraset, painstakingly rubbing each letter so that the whole thing stuck. What if she didn't like the font she chose? Although I appreciate the lost art of typesetting, this digital thing sure makes designing more fun (and fast!).

[Say this to yourself at lightning speed: "if you use any of these fonts for commercial use, please check with the font creator ... many require a small fee."]

Here are some of my favorite free font sites:

DaFont. The most organized and easy to use. I LOVE their dingbats.

Chank. The most creative uses for their fonts. More artsy than functional. But all fun.

Dieter Steffmann. Oh my gosh. So many fonts. Like finding treasure.

Misprinted Type.
Eduardo Recife is an artist out of Brazil. I love the details of his fonts. And the art cards that sell them. It's fun to wander his links page, too.

Cape Arcona. Another just plain cool site. I love the background designs. And the fonts all have a hand made quality. Check out the section called "fonts in use".

Simply the Best Fonts. A great place if you're looking for something specific. Well organized. More great dingbats.

Urban Fonts. Same as Simply the Best. They have everything.

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