Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thank you and flickr

We got so many great responses to our "focus group". Thank y'all so much for making the effort. I will post the final designs when we get there.

I thought that Flickr was just another site for posting pictures. I would find excellent shots for ad layouts whenever Getty, Veer or Corbis would fail (stock shots never seem to quite capture true reality). But just recently I've discovered that Flickr is a never ending sea of designers sharing their work and inspiration. They scan books. They take pictures of cool type. They post current artist's work. I could honestly waste ALL day "link hopping". Good thing I'm not at a salaried job anymore. My new boss doesn't stand for me goofing off on the computer.

The above image is from tecnicolor*'s photos. He is a Chilean artist ... really amazing illustrations and designs.

This one is from the Flickr group called Mail Art.

Linzie Hunter is an illustrator who has a ton of great work on her photo page. This is part of a series of "spam one liners". Artistic renditions of her email inbox.

All three of the above are from Grain Edit's photo page. Grain Edit is a blog that "covers contemporary graphic design/ Illustration as well as design from the from the Golden era of advertising (1950s-1970s)". Super cool stuff.

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dave said...

Hi seymour,
Thanks for posting about my blog.
I appreciate it.

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