Friday, December 7, 2007

a family affair

The first TV spot that I ever did was for a local cell phone carrier. There was no budget, which always means (to ME, at least) that the majority of the creativity falls into the hands of the creatives (not the directors or editors). You have to rely on what is in your head and not on other's strengths. We were lucky enough to work with an amazing animator who took our boards quite literally and made them move. You can see one of the spots here. Another sign that there was no budget is that my mom did voice over. I love that she is so perfectly captured in a thirty second spot.

And speaking of family, I just recently got to work on another cell phone campaign with my cousin. He is the reason I got into the business of advertising/design in the first place ... so it is fitting that we finally got a chance to work together. Here is one of the print ads.

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