Monday, November 5, 2007

i give up

Our son is a toddler. And he is so much fun. But mealtimes are hard. I have always told myself that my child will not eat chicken nuggets every night. Or mac and cheese. Or any of this marketed "kid food". He will have eclectic tastes. He will LOVE Indian. And Thai. He will eat what is in front of him no matter what.

Did I already say that our son is a toddler?

I own two children's cookbooks. And they make cooking quick, fancy meals for your child seem on par with breast feeding and letting your child nap. "You must create home-cooked goodness for your baby." So two nights ago I made a yummy beet, carrot and apple slaw with orange juice dressing. D used it for finger painting (the colors WERE really pretty). And last night I tried a homey broccoli, chicken cheese casserole. I devoured it while D spit every bite slowly out of his mouth. And then tonight ... pause ... falafel. I will admit that the consistency was all wrong. But it still tasted good. Not good enough. So we will continue with the Ritz cracker, shredded cheddar cheese and freeze-dried pea (the only form of green the kid will eat) dinner. And I might have to make a trip down the chicken nugget aisle.

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Anonymous said...

have you heard of the new cookbook by jessica seinfeld? (jerry's wife) looks like an interesting way to get kiddies to eat the vegetables!

deceptively delicious (i think that's what it's called)


ps have you seen the latest walter e smithe spots? they are dressed as geico cavemen. RIDICULOUS.