Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wolf Mother vs The Singer-Songwriter

Just so we're clear ... Wolf Mother is a band, not a name I call myself when it comes to defending our child.

Music is super important to T and me. And D loves music. All kinds. Classical, rock, folk, kid's music, even the awful electronic stuff that comes from some of his obnoxious battery-powered toys. He "noodles" to all of it. Noodling is a combination of head rock and body sway, much like what the hippies do at jam band concerts.

So T and I try to play our favorite stuff in the car (and at home) to give D a wide variety of musical tastes. Inevitably we end up playing Wolf Mother over any of my folky musical choices. They are an Aussie band ... and I picture all of them with long greasy permed hair (probably far from the truth).

"Metal is good for him" says T over the pseudo-seventies ballad "Woman".

I know this, but do not think that a little acoustic guitar will hurt his testosterone levels. Folk singers can be manly, they are just more in touch with their feelings. So we will do our best to strike a balance between head banging and love your brother/mother/earth music.

And, for the record, I like Wolf Mother. And so does D.

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