Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the local playground

Last week I ventured to our neighborhood playground for the first time. Here are my observations.

#1 - No nannies.
Although, on my 3rd and 4th visit I did encounter one nanny each. These were not the wizened Hispanic women I ran into in Chi-town. No. They were babies themselves. Tan young things right out of college.

#2 - Moms believe ads.
I heard a mom repeat a line from a local commercial like it was a fact from her pediatrician. Crazy. The power of marketing.

#3 - Stereotypes exist in the World of Mom:
• The New York Transplant. Painfully thin and tall, hair extensions, Chanel sunglasses, 4 inch wedge heels (on the sand!), camo capris and a $200 t-shirt.
• Mrs. Kate Spade. Polka dot flip flops with matching visor, tailored button down with starched bermudas.
• The Triathlete. Totally ripped bod, Oakley sunglasses. Any or all clothing from Title Nine or Athleta, all of it technical material.
• The Urban Outfitter. Tan, short, all jersey clothing that only looks good on small women and long wavy hair. She could have lived in Evanston.
• The Hippie. Long flowing dress, no shoes, playing in the sand alongside kids she didn't know.

If anyone needs a variety of women for focus groups, you now know where to go.

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