Tuesday, August 28, 2007

good prevails

I sometimes feel like the evil in this world is taking over in such a bad way that it paralyzes me. Small things scare me that would I never ever think twice about normally. The news is awful. We rarely hear about good things happening on this earth.

But last night I walked outside at 2 am and had to squint at the moon. And it reminded me that the light wins. Nature is such a good example of the spiritual (and for many it IS the spiritual). Even in the darkest of places light shines. Nature regains it's place in a deserted cement parking lot. As much as humanity totally ruins what God has made, both outside and inside ourselves, it is still there. We are given an infinite amount of resilience. We just have to remember who wins.

(thanks, cary)

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Anonymous said...

i came across this site while looking for a quote about "good prevailing evil" (or something like that). wanted to have a little faith. thanks for your words- made a difference to me today! Godd Bless!