Wednesday, November 12, 2008

why I don't miss my CAs

I horded my Communication Arts for years. I even managed to score other people's old outdated books for my collection, only to see them sit in boxes in the basement. This past Saturday, T and I went through 25 boxes of books and filled ten boxes with "giveaways". Included in those were almost all of our CAs (I had to keep a few Design Annuals).

I have realized that the internet has filled the void that I used to fill with the eye candy from the glossy pages of those super heavy magazines. The AIGA website is one of the most comprehensive libraries of graphic design on the web. I forget about it from time to time and then waste hours sifting through all of the amazing design work.

I should also note that the CommArts website is great too. I won't forget my first love.

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