Monday, November 3, 2008

poor lucky me

I am not sure what we do to deserve it, but we get the best clients. Almost all of our jobs so far have been through referrals. Crissy and Kevin sent over Poor Lucky Me this summer and it has been a blast exploring and branding this fabulous idea/company. Poor Lucky Me is a daily online advice column. Think "Ann Landers" with a whole lot more attitude and irony. The questions are priceless ... things I've always wanted to ask but was afraid of what people would think. And the answers always help me to realize that I am not the freak that I thought I was.

For their logo we started exploring all sorts of symbols that were smart, ironic and iconic: split milk, loosing your marbles, melting ice cream, bursting bubbles, etc. And then some more straightforward looks.

PLM loved the owl, but wasn't sure that it was the right owl. So we did an owl study. This was so much fun. Being the month of Halloween, never before had I noticed so many owls ... everywhere!

So what what you see at the top of this post is where we landed on a logo. Wisdom with a bit of wit.

We also did some web looks that should be up on the PLM site in the near future. Enjoy!


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cheeky said...

love love LOVE your designs!