Monday, November 10, 2008

the baby calling card

I remember going to birthday parties as a little girl. A gift was always in hand and attached to it was a little card with my full name. I never understood why it was there. But now, as a mom, I get the convenience and tradition of "calling cards". I used those same calling cards well into my teen years. Probably from the same box that my Mom had ordered when I was an infant.

My Fairy Godmother, Jackye Lanham, just commissioned us to do calling cards for her grand-niece. Jackye is amazingly creative and one of the top interior designers in the South (to see some of her work: article here and blog posting here). Being that her grand-niece lives in Hawaii she wanted the design to convey a "Hawaiian quilt feel". I love quilts and had no idea there were so many beautiful patterns out of the islands. It was such a fun research project.

Here were some of her choices. Typical baby pastels felt all wrong with these bold patterns. Jackye and her niece landed on the pink card at the top of this post. We also did folded note cards with the same pattern.

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