Monday, October 13, 2008

brand name pencils

This post really deserves a whole new category. It could fit under "type" or "design". But I think I need a new theme ... "collections that show an incredible love for the subject". It could also be called "infatuation" or "too much time on your hands". But I like to think that collectors are helping us. What would we graphic designers do if the world wide web didn't provide all of these awesome collections?!?! We would be in libraries, book stores, the yellow pages ... racking up huge phone bills trying to find just the right reference for our next job.

Bob Truby's Brand Name Pencils has over 140 different pencil brands. A large majority of them are no longer made. Bob reminds us that the USA craftsmanship of the past is gone. Only two pencil manufacturers remain in the US.

I love the pencil company graphics as well as the variety of type and design on the actual pencils. Who knew there were so many?

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