Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wednesday: COLOR

Continuing with the series theme, Wednesdays will be Color Day.

Seymour Cornelius will never be a fashion blog. I like fashion, but consider myself just a Gap girl - the classics, with an occasional trendy piece thrown in. I was happy to read the article in Fast Company about Patrick Robinson, the new Executive Vice President of Design for Gap Adult and Gap Body. He says: "Gap is supposed to make classic American clothes--the pea coat, the white shirt, the denim jean--cooler and more relevant every year. It's not a brand that should play like H&M and Zara, where it's a takedown from the fashion runways."

So ... The Gap is back. And this spring they are focusing on color. I am loving the bright hues and remake of the "colored" khaki. They have a non-traditional campaign for this new line that is food for thought - "The Sound of Color". Gap sponsored different artists to write songs about specific colors and then had the production company Rehab create videos for each song. Some songs work better than others. It would be interesting to see these made into 60 second spots. You can read more here and watch all of the videos here.

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