Wednesday, February 6, 2008

vintage science charts

Our condo in Chicago was right down the street from Scout ... one of the coolest antique stores ever. I fell in love with a giant vintage poster of desert geography (like the ones that would be hanging in your AP science classroom in highschool) right around the time I quit my full time job. Needless to say, it sold quickly to someone with money. Ever since, I have tried to find similar posters but to no avail. This morning was no exception ... but I did stumble into Maraid's photos on Flickr. Maraid is Jane McDevitt's design company out of York, England. Her Flickr sets are incredible! Some of my favorites:

{the above are thumbnails from the "photo, film and sound ephemera" set}

{from the "in print" set ... SO many great things here}

{from the "my dad's architecture photos" set}

{from the "abandoned paper mill" set}

{from "portuguese tiles" set}

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Luis Leal said...

Taka a look at: [Portuguese Tiles from Portugal]