Monday, June 2, 2008

i can't wait

So think of this as a sneak peak. I wanted to wait to showcase my Dad's eggs until he had an Etsy site up and running, but when he sent me his latest design, I realized that I had to share it. This way we can build the suspense.

I am lucky enough to come from two VERY creative parents. Mom spent our childhood being a graphic designer/illustrator and then became a writer/teacher. And Dad is a renaissance man. Throughout my life he has taken on multiple creative endeavors, all while making money as an attorney. He sews, he carves, he paints. But he does it all with such detail and perfection ... it is his true passion. We have seen beautiful wooden screens, national prize winning duck decoys (and he doesn't hunt!), canes, flags, tables ... the list goes on. For the past few years his focus has been on ostrich eggs. He works on each egg for days, sanding, painting base coats, meticulously painting a gorgeous feather (from the real thing ... he has a freezer full of bird feathers) and then coat after coat of gloss. Overall, it is a 40 hour egg. The bases he makes from scratch. Using a lathe and his imagination, the finishes are absolutely exquisite.

The large egg above is his latest creation. The red tail hawk feather came from a nest in a Georgia Pine behind my parent's house.

Dad's designs are for sale in Atlanta at Edgar - Reeves, and soon will be on Etsy under his company name: Bluet Gold Designs. If you are interested in purchasing or showcasing the eggs, please email me at the address on the right.