Thursday, November 19, 2009


So I have been MIA for a while now. It is has been a HUGE adjustment having a moving baby + a feisty three year old. T got me a new computer which has saved me loads of time (no more rolling rainbow while any or all of my files load). The most fun I am having is going through this blog to find all of my old bookmarks. In one day I have found enough to fill the blog for months.

Two of my favorites today are from SwissMiss: The Lazy Designer's Guide to Success (do not overlook this one ... he is SO right in every area) and the Clients from Hell blog. Everyone in a creative business should frequent this blog just to make their day better.

And I also had to share some pictures from my rug project. EcoFiber is a member of GoodWeave, which certifies rugs "child-labor free". They have a beautiful traveling exhibition called Faces of Freedom. All of these amazing photographs were taken by U. Roberto Romano.

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