Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the faith of a child

My childhood was magical - riding bikes everywhere, playing in creeks, building elaborate forts and obstacle courses. My partner in crime was Ashley Graves. Her family lived behind us and we spent so much time together that our Dads cut a hole in the fence, giving us quicker access to one another.

I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Ashley's husband, Stefan Graves Lanfer, designing his book The Faith of a Child. Stefan is the author of DadToday, a blog about (you guessed it) being a Dad and the adventures of his incredible family. Both Ashley and Stefan are amazing educated AND down to earth. Two attributes that don't always go together. Any Dad-to-be needs to read this book. It is real. And it is not full of a bunch of dos and don'ts. If anything, it lets all dads know that it is OK to go into parenthood totally clueless, to just go with it, and to enjoy every second.


Stefan Lanfer said...

Thanks for the plug! Your work on this book takes it to such a new level. Stefan

Anonymous said...
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