Thursday, January 15, 2009

roger and richard

Since having number two, D and I have read SO many books. It is the best way to give both kids attention ... I feed one while I read to the other. Two of our favorite authors are Roger Hargreaves and Richard Scarry. We are all too familiar with Roger Hargreaves. His characters have been all over t-shirts ... Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, etc. The books are actually from the 70s. The simplistic illustrations are adorable. And the stories are really funny. D laughs out loud at almost all of them. Little Miss Giggles is his favorite.

Richard Scarry is a classic. Published in the early 60s, Scarry's illustrations are full of many tiny details. D will stare at a page for minutes at a time, usually without me reading at all. Our favorites are What Do People Do All Day and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. A tiny gold beetle is hidden on every page of the latter. D can find Gold Bug much quicker than I can.

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