Tuesday, August 19, 2008

taste it! - before and after

My lovely friend Diana of Wine Goddess Consulting is amazingly talented. She is also incredibly funny, which makes for a fun evening whether you're drinking wine of not. Be sure to check out her "Cheap n' Good Wine List" featuring wines less than $20.

Diana recently sent us a new client. Taste It! is a wine store opening soon in Wheaton, IL. Just like the name suggests, you will be able to try every wine they carry. The thought being that if you like it, you'll buy it (or just walk out really really tipsy). They have been sitting with the same logo for almost ten years and Diana suggested that they look at changing it.

Here is their original:

And here is where they have ended up:
We LOVE what they picked. Fresh, modern and approachable.

And here is everything else we sent:
I call the ones on the left "The Williams Sonoma" logos. The one in the middle "The Saul Bass" logo. And the ones on the right are updated versions of their old logo. They had quite a heart for the old one and we thought it would be smart to give them newer versions.

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nice work!