Tuesday, July 15, 2008

howies and chris gray

So T and I did a campaign for Howies when we were students and we were honored to win a D&AD award. Awards in advertising mean nothing except to people in advertising, so we don't even have it on our resume. But we do love to sing the praises of Howies, the Patagonia of the UK ... but much more hip. Along with making super cool clothes, they are all about the environment and changing the way people think and making art a part of our everyday.

Similar to Patagonia, they have asked some very talented designers to create t-shirts. I stumbled upon Chris Gray's shirts on one of his blogs, The Amazing Shape. His designs are so colorful and fun. I love the roundness of his shapes. You can see more of Chris' work on his blog We Shall See.

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Chris said...

Now then.
Thanks a lot for your kind words.