Monday, July 7, 2008

are you freakin' kidding me???

T did a race in Leadville, CO on Saturday. No ... it was not the 100 miler. Just a marathon, starting at 10,200 feet and going up to 13,000 feet. The town is so high up that as Tom and I went to sleep on Friday night our hearts were racing (we thought we'd eaten too much pizza!). Babies born at that altitude have to be on oxygen for a month. As if the first month of parenthood isn't hard enough!

D and I explored Leadville and then got to hang out with some old and new friends. Being with people that live in small mountain towns always makes us think about making that jump ourselves. If only there was a way to make a good living because there isn't a huge need for advertising.

Below is our view from the Super 8. Above are some pics from the day.

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