Monday, April 14, 2008

the hamanns

I almost titled this post "double trouble" but wanted this to be a good day for Steve and Rick. Steve and Rick Hamann are twin brothers residing in Evanston, IL. We are lucky enough to be called their friends. Steve is an artist, specializing in paint and mixed media. His characters are quirky and full of personality. His work makes me think of the BEST of Sesame Street, but even smarter. T commissioned Steve to paint our dog, Zuri, last Christmas. It has become one of my favorite gifts ever.

Rick is a writer, specializing in advertising (check out all of the new Porsche ads) and being a the dad of his one year old, Eli. You can read some of Rick's meanderings on his HamannEggs blog (great name, huh?). Eli looked just like George Bush when he was born ... which is even funnier when you know how liberal the Hamanns are.

Both brothers are amazingly creative and naturally talented. And to hang out with them is such a pleasure. Super laid back with a cutting wit. To make the mix even better, their wives are the coolest.

"engineered mischief"

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stevehamann said...

Thanks for the love Seymour.