Thursday, September 20, 2007

the "animals" at the zoo

We joined the zoo today. It is super cool. Big, easy to navigate, and lots of large animals that kids love. Well, every kid but mine. I lifted Davis from the stroller to see the lions. He struggled to get out of my arms to hang with the other toddlers on the ground. I sat him on the fence to see the two enormous elephants, both playing with a giant ball. He found the fence grooves more fascinating. We raced to the penguins. Whew. They were swimming and jumping and waddling around. Davis laughed ... but only because the cute little girl next to him found the penguins interesting. I thought for sure that the monkeys would grab his attention. They kinda look like babies, right? Nope. He wanted to sit with the elementary school class that was drawing primates and their habitat.

So I have decided I am going to open a Kid Zoo. Not a zoo for kids. A zoo of kids. Heck. If CBS can exploit children in Kid Nation, what difference would it make to put them in cages and behind glass. There could be the swimming habitat ... a see-through tank full of swimmers, diving board and all. Maybe even a few BabyRuths. A "baby" area, so that toddlers could say "hey mom, look at the baby". A jungle gym as "wild habitat". With my luck though, D would want to be inside the cage. Maybe we should just call it "mother's morning out".

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janet said...

oh my, that is a great idea! i would visit a kid zoo everyday. you could have an exhibit containing misbehaving kids.