Wednesday, January 26, 2011

keep dreaming

I ran across Dunton Hot Springs on Cup of Joe last night. It is down in the San Juans, near my old stomping ground of Durango. I thought it would make a wonderful, kid-free vacation for me and T. And then I saw their rates. Whoa! Beauty comes with a price.

Check out this wedding. You can rent the whole place out for you and your wedding guests. Pretty swanky!


janet l moran said...

screw the budget! Go for it. It will be worth the memories.

miss d. said...

i am obsessed with tipi's at the moment, we even got a small tipi for the garden. so when i saw this post my heart skipped a beat ; )
i wish i could live there!

love the blog,

fine little home

sewa elf jakarta said...

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