Wednesday, September 2, 2009

stratford hall plantation

An old family friend is on the board of directors at Stratford Hall. When she called for help with their advertising I had no idea what it was or why it was important. Set on cliffs overlooking the Potomac in northeast Virginia, Stratford Hall was the Lee family plantation. Robert E. Lee being the most famous. But his ancestors, Francis Lightfoot and Richard Henry, signed the Declaration of Independence. This property is yet another of the amazing historical gems in Virginia.

Like many other non-profits, Stratford Hall is hurting with this awful economy. Our friend Kathy has commissioned a friend to create beautiful, one of a kind jewelry in honor of the Lee crest (a squirrel sits at the top). Our ads feature the jewels and will run nationwide in gardening magazines.

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OIJOY PHOTO - the blog said...

these are stunning! And I really love the jewelry.