Tuesday, June 23, 2009

beautiful covers

Check out all of these back issues of Arts and Architecture. You can sign up for a day to download, but don't be deceived ... they only give you a random few pages, which does not include the fabulous cover.


oijoyphoto - the husband said...

it's so not fair! it's like they just give you enough to get hooked and then angry - so, i suppose the end result they are looking for is you sitting up late at night contemplating the big purchase of the entire set! my boss got if for christmas and i was so jealous.

c neary said...

Jenny (and I said "Jenny" on purpose because I know you love it so),

You and your bald fella are missed. And not just because of your Halo skills. You, I mean, not Thomas.

Hope all's as pretty as the pics on your site.

C Neary