Monday, May 4, 2009

design project

My friend Janet told me today that she keeps her photography fresh by taking pictures of her kids. She is immensely talented and I am convinced that she would still be good if she didn't take another picture of anyone for years. It made me realize that I would love a constant design challenge. Yeah, I can go and design a birthday party invite for D (Dance Party this year ... so excited!) but if I don't have a project in front of me I start to feel a bit stale. So I think I am going to periodically give myself stuff to do. Yesterday's post made me want to combine both picture and type. Using the few words given on two pages of the wood type catalog I tried to make sense of one of the beautiful, iconic photographs.


OIJOY PHOTO - the blog said...

i love what you made Jenn! Those old color photos are fantastic.

John Heisel said...

Very nice! Great website as well : )