Wednesday, April 22, 2009

away we go

T just sent me this flick. I have recently had several conversations with friends about how we are not where we expected to be at our age or at our place in marriage or as parents. This movie appears to be written for us. Both endearing and funny, we will be getting a babysitter for this one. It's interesting that both of the recently featured movies on S+C have been co-written by Dave Eggers.

I think this is Nick Drake on the trailer. He seems to be the voice of our generation (even though he's no longer with us). Thanks VW and Wes Anderson.

Correction: the song is Alexi Murdoch ... who we also know from the Garden State soundtrack and Honda Element commercial.
{Thanks Kev}

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Anonymous said...

Yo Jenn. Thanks for the heads up on this flick. It looks great.

The song in the trailer (according to the synopsis) is by Alexi Murdoch...though it sure sounds like Nick Drake.

Hope you guys are doing well!