Sunday, May 13, 2007

this hurts

Just got back from Denver house hunting. Here is what we found. Pretty cute.

It was a painful trip though.

As gorgeous as Denver is, we came to the conclusion that a place is not necessarily your physical surroundings, but the people that fill that space. I know this move is good for our family. D will have a yard to play in and T will have long roads to ride and I will have mountains to climb.

We are going to miss the people in Chicago. We have built a life here. This is our fourth move in five years and for the first time EVER we both feel like we have a place that we will want to go back to. So we have decided to see this move as a sabbatical. A venture into the West. And if we don't feel the hippie love flowing in our veins we will be back in the practical Mid-West.

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