Thursday, April 26, 2007

learning to hate your house

I interviewed real estate agent #3 today. I liked him. Really honest. And dorky in a good way. He made it official. We have too much stuff. This is not a surprise to me at all. I come by pack-ratting honestly. There is a long line of them in my family. I am the "organized" pack rat. The guy walked into the kitchen and exclaims "Wow. You have a lot of work to do." He didn't seem notice the 25 lb baby attached to my hip the whole time he was here. I have lots of free time to pack twice.

Everything he told me to keep in the house the guy yesterday said to get rid of.

"The books have to go and the TV. And the crib. And the huge yellow dresser in the dining room. And the dining room table. And your office."

"So why don't I just move out and have you sell the place empty?"

"No! Furniture sells a place. But maybe clear out your closets, too."

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